Dear Electronics Industry Supplier,

Since the signing of the NAFTA agreement Mexico has evolved from low tech manufacturing along the US border into a world class, high tech, manufacturing market. Mexico is now the world’s sixth largest electronics manufacturing market and the second largest exporter of finished electronics products to the United States. Mexico is also a major hub of automotive manufacturing. In recent years most of the world’s major automotive brands have opened, or announced plans to open, new state of the art manufacturing facilities in Mexico. It has become the second largest exporter of automobiles to the United States.

Mexico is a global leader in the manufacture and design of televisions, displays, computers, mobile phones, circuit boards, electronic appliances, communications equipment, LCD modules and automotive electronics. It also has a substantial aerospace manufacturing segment.

Mexico presents OEM suppliers with tremendous opportunities for new business and new customers. GDP is expected to grow 3% in 2015 and major companies from Asia, the EU and the United States are investing heavily in new plants and equipment.

Mexico EMS, the only publication in Spanish focused on Mexico’s electronics manufacturing industry. It will deliver your message to the key decision makers who buy and/or influence purchasing decisions. and help you develop new customers in this dynamic and growing market. Mexico EMS is published twice monthly and reaches over 12,000 managers, engineers, scientists and technicians.


Ron Friedman