29 Companies Receive Mexico Technology Awards at SMTA Guadalajara

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The Mexico Technology Award, sponsored by Mexico EMS, was given to 29 companies at an Awards Breakfast at the SMTA Expo & Tecnico Foro, on Wednesday, November 14. The awards, which are judged by an independent panel of experts, recognize the companies which provide state of the art technology and materials that make Mexico’s electronics industry more innovative, productive and cost efficient.

The Awards were presented for the following products in these categories:

Assembly Tools – Virtual Industries Adjust-A- Vac

Automation Tools, Conveyors& Feeders – Count On Tools Strip Feeders www.nozzles4smt.com/StripFeeders_c_26.html

Cleaning Equipment – ANDA Automation AP 460 Cleaning System   www.anda.us

Cleaning Materials – Kyzen A4625 Cleaning System  www.kyzen.com/cleaning-chemistries/aquanox/

Coating/Encapsulant Equipment – ANDA Automation iCoat 7  www.anda.us

Coating/Encapsulants Services – Specialized Coating Services www.speccoat.com

Component Counting – Scienscope AXI 5100c Component Counter www.scienscope.com

Component Placement Equipment, Low to Medium Volume – Panasonic Factory Solutions NPM Series Platform www.panasonicFA.com

Component Placement Equipment, Low/Medium Volume – Juki RS-1 Placement Machine             www.jukiamericas.com

Device Programming – Data I/O UFS Upgrade Kit  www.dataio.com

Dispensing Equipment – PVA VPX-2KS Dispense www.pva.net

Environmental Compliance – EVS International 500 LF Solder Recovery System

Flux – SHENMAO SM-862 Liquid Flux  www.shenmao.com

Inspection Equipment, AOI Systems – CyberOptics SQ3000™ 3D CMM AOI System www.cyberoptics.com

Inspection Equipment, SPI Systems – SAKI Self Programming Software (SSP) www.sakicorp.com

Inspection Equipment, Xray – VISCOM X7056-II Xray System www.viscomusa.com

LED Placement Equipment – Hanwha Techwin Automation Americas SM465 Wide Ranged Component Placer

LED Printing Equipment – Hanwha Techwin Automation AmericasESE USL X-3 Screen Printer

Metal Waste & Dross Recycling Service – Conecsus  www.conecsusllc.com

Metrology – Yxlon International Yxlon FF35 CT www.yxlon.com


Printing Equpment – Juki G-Titan Automatic Screen Printer   www.jukiamericas.com

Process Control Tools – KIC RPI i4.0 Auto Profiling   www.kicthermal.com

Repair & Rework – NEO Tech Medical Device Repair & Refurbishment

Software, Process Control – Koh Young KSMART Process Optimizer Print Advisor Module www.kohyoung.com

Solder Bar & Cored Wire – Nathan Trotter SAC 305 Solder Bar  www.nathantrotter.com

Solder Paste – Indium Corporation 10.1 HF Ultra-low Voiding Pb-Free Solder Paste www.indium.com

Soldering Equipment, Other – BTU PYRAMAX™ with TruFlat Technology   www.btu.com

Soldering Equipment Reflow – BTU PYRAMAX™ Vacuum Reflow Oven   www.btu.com+

Soldering Equipment, Robotic – Metcal Connection Validation Robotic Soldering System www.techcon.com

Soldering Equipment, Selective – ERSA VERSAFLOW 455  www.kurtzersa.us

Storage Systems – JUKI Autonomous Material Handling System www.jukiamericas.com

Test & Measurement Inspection Systems – KYZEN ANALYST Software  www.kyzen.com

Test Equipment – Mirtec MV-3 OMNI AOI www.mirtecusa.com

Test Services – Comet Group: Lab One www.comet-group.com/lab-one


For more information about the Mexico Technology Awards consult Ronald Friedman, Publisher, Mexico EMS at ron@mexicoems.com.