Mexico EMS Announces Recipients of the 2020 Mexico Technology Awards

October 2020 – Mexico EMS, the premier publication in Spanish focusing on the electronics manufacturing market in Mexico, announced the winners of the 2020 Mexico Technology Awards in a virtual ceremony that took place on Monday, October 26, 2020. The awards honor the newest products, equipment and materials that offer the best innovations and production efficiencies for electronics assembly. The nominated products are evaluated and judged by an independent panel of industry experts for innovation, speed/throughput, quality, cost benefit and impact on the environment.

The following companies and products are this year’s winners:

• Cleaning Equipment: Austin American Mega ION® Cleaning System

• Cleaning Materials: KYZEN® E5631 Stencil Cleaner

• Component Counter: VJE X-Quik III component counter

• Component Placement Equipment (Mid-Speed): Hanwha Techwin Decan S1 Fast & Flexible Mounter

• Component Placement Equipment (Multi-function): Juki JM 100 with Clinching

• Conformal Coating: ANDA iCoat 6 High-Precision Selective Conformal Coating

• Conformal Coating: Nordson YESTECH FX-942UV ACI/AOI

• Curing: Seika AI-TEC PCB Conformal Coating System

• Design Services: Pegmatis for designing the Sun to Water LLC Atmospheric Water Generator

• Device Programming: Data I/O PSV2800

• Dispensing: Essemtec Archerfish Solder Paste Jet Dispensing Solution

• EMS Services: NEO Tech for its EMS Services

• ESD: SelecTech Free Style ESD Plus Free Floating Flooring System

• Inspection Equipment (AOI): MIRTEC MV-6Z OMNI 3D Inline AOI

• Inspection Equipment (X-ray): Scienscope AXC-800III X-ray Component Counter

• Labeling: Accu-Assembly Accu-ID SMT Component Reel Barcode Decoding System

• Printing: Hanwha Techwin ESE US-2000DX dual lane printer

• Process Control Tools: Insituware Vision MARK-1 handheld diagnostic tool

• Software (Management): Part Analytics Spend and RFQ Management Software

• Software (Process Control): CyberOptics Cyber CMM™

• Software (Process Control): Koh Young Ksmart Smart Factory Solution

• Solder Paste: Indium Durafuse™ LT High Reliability Alloy

• Solder Wire: SHENMAO PF606-F13 Solder Wire

• Soldering Equipment (Convection): ERSA EXOS 10/26 voidless reflow soldering system

• Soldering Equipment (Reflow): BTU Health Check Equipment Inspection Service

• Soldering Equipment (Robotic): Thermaltronics TMT-R8000S Soldering Robot

• Soldering Equipment (Selective): Juki iCube Selective Soldering Solution

• Storage Systems: Accu-Assembly AccuStock™ SMD Reel Automatic Storage & Retrieval System

• Test Equipment: Nordson DAGE Prospector™ Micro Materials Tester

• Test & Measurement: Koh Young KY-P3 Series PIN Inspection System

• Thermal Interface Materials (TIMS): EMD Performance Chemicals Ormet® DAP-491-1 Pb-Free • Die Attach Conductive Paste

• Editor’s Choice: ANDA PDCA Series Multi-function Dispensing & Assembly System

For more information about these products and companies, please consult their websites.

The Mexico Technology Awards acknowledge the latest innovations available in Mexico produced by OEM manufacturing equipment and materials suppliers during the last 12 months.